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"Nova Ball" Kegel Exerciser by SVAKOM

"Nova Ball" Kegel Exerciser by SVAKOM


Svakom Nova Ball Kegel Exercisers are the perfect gradient kit to help you get your Kegels on! The benefits of Kegel exercises are are vast and include relief from incontinence, enhancing sexual pleasure by making orgasms more intense and easier to control, and to strengthen stretched and weakened pelvic floors post childbirth. The Nova Ball Kegel Exerciser can enhance these benefits. With 3 variations in weight and shape and a dynamic inner pendulum mechanism, the Nova balls offer a unique and effective way to practice Kegel exercises. Made of body safe silicone, these exercisers are waterproof and easy to clean.

Size: Lightest - 136mm x 36mm, Medium - 170mm x 32mm, Heaviest - 162mm x 28mm

Weight: Lightest- 49g, Medium - 75g, Heaviest - 95g